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Tucson Pet Boarding


Our office will be closed on Easter Day!  Our staff will be out in the kennels with your pets, however we won't be answering calls or accepting drop offs or pick ups on that day.  We will be open the day prior and the day after for all services.  Thank you!

Dog Boarding Kennels Tucson

Charges start on the first day, regardless of check-in time. There are no boarding charges for the last day if you check your pet(s) out by 10:00 A.M. or your pet is being groomed.

* A second dog or cat, of the same family, can stay in the same run as long as they do not fight over food or toys.

Dog training and boarding Tucson

Dog & Cat Boarding Pricing


Small Dog (20 lbs & Under) (These run sizes are approximately 3'X4' inside, 3'X8' outside.)

         1st Dog- $23.00

         2nd Dog-$19.00*

Medium Dog (21-45 lbs) (These run sizes are approximately 4'X4' inside, 4'X10' outside.)

          1st Dog-$25.00

          2nd Dog-$21.00*

Large Dog (46 lbs & Up) (These run sizes are approximately 4'X4' inside, 4'X20' outside.)

          1st Dog-$27.00

          2nd Dog-$23.00*

X-Large Dog Run- This kennel is priced for two large dogs (65 lbs & Up) to stay together and is

                               (approximately 4'X6' inside, 6'X20' outside.)

           Per two dogs-$52.00


           1st Cat-$17.00

         2nd Cat-$14.00*                                                                      

Cat Boarding Tucson

Pet Boarding Requirements and Details



We require proof of immunizations for your pets.  For the safety of all we are unable to board any pets who are not current on their immunizations. 


  • Distemper combination

  • Parvo

  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough) within the past year.

  • Current rabies vaccination


  • Feline Distemper/upper respiratory                                                                                          

NOTE: If you give your own vaccines, we need to see the receipt with the purchase date on it and the empty vials it came in. Rabies vaccination proof will only be accepted if given by a licensed veterinarian.  

Tucson Dog Boarding

Kennel Comfort Pet Motel does not charge extra for feeding the food or treats you bring for your pet, or for administering medications and supplements. We do, however, require the medication name, dosage, what the medication is being given for, and clear instructions on administering it. 

Tucson Dog Boarding

Please feel free to bring dog beds, toys, treats, and anything else that you feel would make your pet feel more comfortable.  We only ask that you leave food and water bowls at home as we use specialized dishes that allow for more effective cleaning.

Dog Boarding Tucson

We have Staff on site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Even when closed to the public, there are two homes on the property lived in by kennel staff to take care of any unexpected emergency.


We provide dog boarding and cat boarding for those who live in or are visiting Tucson, Vail, Sahuarita, Sabino Canyon, Oro Valley, Marana, Green Valley, and most of Southern Arizona!

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