Do you ever worry that your dog will meet up with a rattlesnake?  The results can be expensive, some have reported spending up to $8,000.  It can be disastrous and deadly for your loved one as well.  Getting your dog rattlesnake avoidance trained can save your pet's life!  

The trainer we utilize is Anthony's K9 Services. He has a "pet" rattlesnake that he uses for these training sessions.  The snake has been surgically devenomized, for your dog's protection.  Anthony allows your dog the opportunity to smell, see, and hear the snake in a safe, controlled environment.  Once your dog recognizes the snake Anthony uses an e-collar to teach your dog to avoid rattlesnakes.  

This service is offered not only to dogs boarding with us, but to outside clients as well.  Training sessions happen Monday-Friday by appointment or while your pet boards with us.  Please email kennelcomfortdogtraining@gmail.com or call 520-333-7904 to schedule this training today!


Rattlesnake Avoidance training pricing:


Avoidance Training: Regularly $150 per dog but we're having a new service sale of $125 per dog!

Annual Recheck: $75