Lindsey- Co-Owner/Dog Trainer


Hi, I am Lindsey Morelli and I am so happy that you're here and thinking about using our dog training services!  I am one of the owners at Kennel Comfort Pet Motel and I am also the head dog trainer. 

My husband, Jason, and I do a lot of rescue personally and I really got interested in training when we ended up getting a few dogs with less than savory manners.  Then, we rescued an English Bulldog Mix who changed everything.  Suddenly, we found ourselves with a dog aggressive Bulldog who was starting fight after fight within our pack.  I knew I needed to fix what was happening because I was tired of our dogs hurting each other and making our lives chaotic.  I started attending dog training seminars and it completely changed my life. 

This inspired me to become a dog trainer, in order to help others who need guidance with their dogs!  I want to show owners that it is possible to understand and communicate better with your dog.  The best way to have a relationship based off of trust, communication, and love is to train your best friend. Introducing this structure and guidance will increase the bond between you in deeper ways than anything else can.  It is my goal to help other dog owners to build that lasting relationship through a foundation of solid dog training.