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Potty Training a Dog

Dog Potty Training

Here are some tricks you can use for potty training your puppy!

  • Get them on a schedule- Feed and water them at certain times throughout the day  
  • After feeding and watering be sure to take them out to potty right afterwards
  • Stay outside until your pup potties then, praise, praise, praise, and even reward with a small treat
  • contain your puppy when they are inside alone, a crate works great for this, or a puppy play pen if you're busy catching up on house work
  • Take them out to potty often during the day, this depends on how old your dog is.  You will start learning your dog's potty cycle, some can hold it for an hour, others 30 minutes, and some can only hold it for 15 minutes or so, when they are younger
  • If your puppy has an accident inside, it's ok!  Don't get frustrated, just clean it up and try to catch them before the next accident.  Tip: Unless you caught them within four seconds of making the mess you can't give any type of correction.  They won't know why you're correcting them.  If you catch them in the act you can tell them "No" and give a light correction, then take them outside to finish pottying there.
  • Teaching your dog to indicate when they have to use the bathroom can really help with older dogs!  There are bells you can buy, on Amazon is where I get them, and you can hang them on your back door.  The idea is the dog goes up and rings the bell when they have to potty!  To do this you teach the touch command and pair it with the action of going out the door to use the bathroom.  My next blog post will go through, in detail, how to teach touch and how to make the dog understand you want them to touch the bells on the door!

A Tip for Multiple Dog Households

On the left is a picture of our boxer, Roo, and pitbull, Loki.  Dogs of the same pack will lay back to back in order to protect each other.  It shows a vulnerability that they normally won't entrust to members outside of their homes. Roo and Loki adore each other. They sleep together, play together, will share toys and groom each other.  Basically they are together 24/7 and it is really cute to see.

Loki and Bear, featured on the right, are a different story.  They are the only two males in our pack but they don't play together and usually have nothing to do with each other, but when told to go to the same "place" they still acknowledge that they are a pack and will protect each other.

A lot of times people think dogs living in the same home have to be "best friends" and do everything together. In reality the only thing they really have to do is exist peacefully together. If they get along, great! If they choose not to interact in play together or have much to do with each other that is alright too. Dogs all have different personalities and aren't always going to like every other dog or person they meet, as long as they are polite in their interactions with those they don't care for that is all we can ask of them.