Thank you for visiting my blog!  My name is Lindsey Morelli and I wanted to begin writing this blog to help spread some of the knowledge I've gained over the last two years.  My crazy foray into the business world began with me buying...a hair salon.  Yup, everyone who knows me that ends up finding out I own a salon always does a double take.  It's not my thing at all!  I don't do hair, I don't wear make up, I don't dress fancy, I only get my hair cut like once a year, and yet....I found myself owning a hair salon, and LOVE it!

My husband and I wanted to begin branching out from our jobs and began thinking about padding our retirement.  We were heading home from our first anniversary trip and I was researching things on the internet, hit the wrong link, and up popped a website with all the current businesses being sold, for one reason or another, in Tucson!  My salon had been running for ten years, successfully, and the owner was looking to retire.  It was something I would be able to do, semi-absentee, while I still had my current job.  Less than one month later, I owned it!  I am six days away from hitting the two year mark and it's going amazingly.

What does this have to do with dogs and a boarding kennel, you ask?  Everything!  Close to a year after buying the salon my husband and I found a dog and cat boarding kennel for sale on that same website.  Now, THIS was us!  Everyone who knows us knows how much we love animals, especially dogs!  In May of 2015, we bought Kennel Comfort Pet Motel.  I could write an insane amount of pages trying to describe how much I love our kennel, but I'll spare you :).  This place had become my baby.  We immersed ourselves in it and despite having other jobs and another business, devoted ourselves to it.  We love our customers, their animals, our employees, and everything about it.  Being a business owner was completely foreign to me but it fulfills me in a way that no other job has in quite some time.

So, I would like to share everything I know about dogs, cats, and yes, business!  Hopefully, you all will tune in and enjoy reading my tips, tricks, and treats of everything dog and business!  I'll start with a small tip.  When people discuss going into a business the first thing you always hear about is opening one.  Did you know that 90% of new businesses fail within the first three years?!  Crazy, right?  This is straight from, btw.  There are a few reasons businesses fail.  One, people did not have a use for the service/product, just because you love the idea doesn't mean everyone will!  Two, you have to have the money to keep the business going until word gets out that you're there.  This can be crazy expensive.  Most businesses, even small, small, small ones take $3,000 + every month to run! Three, lack of marketing.  This is a huge one.  Everything today is allllll about the internet.  You have to be willing to not only have a website but to put yourself out there on social media.  There are more but these are some of the biggest. 

So, if opening a new business is so perilous, what's the solution?  Buy an existing business!  We've done it, successfully, twice now.  People move, retire, or just get burnt out operating their businesses and they come up for sale often!  It's all about knowing where to look, well that, and that knowing TO look!  It's not as big of a secret as you would think.  You go to google, or any search engine that just happens to be my favorite, type in "businesses for sale in Tucson" or any city and you can even search the whole state of Arizona.  Usually the first two websites are Bizquest and Bizbuysell.  On those sites will be every business for sale in your area that are using brokers to sell.  A company using a broker is more legit than those scam companies on Craigslist.  The seller and owner both end up with expenses but it protects both of you during the sale.  Think of it like buying a home.  You're going to go through a Realtor to sell or buy a home because they are the professional who knows what all has to be done and makes sure everyone follows the laws!  

That will wrap up this first blog post.  Check out those websites if you're interested in business and search to your heart's content!  I will be back again soon and I promise there will be animal tips, tricks, and treats on here as well!