Happines Tucson


I love this quote from the Zac Brown Band's Song "Chicken Fried".  Boy does it ring true for me too!   I've started realizing that a lot of people can connect with this concept.  I left a financially secure job with a guaranteed retirement, to start my own dog training business.  Trust me, it was scary.  I took precautions and made sure that I was in the right place in life before quitting, but I wasn't happy in my job anymore.  I was unmotivated, getting bitter, and down right miserable.  Being in this state of mind wasn't helping my employer, me, or my family.  I tried to fix my attitude but it seemed like every time I walked through the doors a black cloud overtook me.  The sad part is, that attitude is very typical in that line of work and you're just expected to "work through it".  Some do, and a few years down the road they become excited and motivated about the job again. However, I've always promised myself I wouldn't stay in a career where I was miserable, just for the paycheck. 

So I made a change.  Luckily we had already started planning for our retirement by buying a few businesses and I soon realized that I loved working with animals and running my own businesses.  Specifically, I knew I wanted to start training dogs.  So my husband and I started planning, saving, and cutting down on living expenses so that I could begin transitioning away from being stuck in a job I was unhappy with for 25 more years to a new career where I can finish out my working years doing something that makes me ecstatic.

Many people think that its ok to stay stuck in a job like that because they get paid good money.  Or they put up with a boss or supervisor who is a jerk because of the same reason.  Money is not worth your happiness or sanity.  You can find good paying jobs where people treat you with respect or that you are excited about.  Change can be hard but if you're stuck in a rut sometimes change is exactly the thing you may need.  I am not saying to quit your job with no backup and rent due in a week.  But you begin the motions.  Start cutting down on living expenses.  A few of the things we did was we got rid of direct TV and got Hulu instead.  A $150 bill taken down to $8.99 a month.  We started eating out less and making a grocery shopping list and sticking to it so there weren't unplanned items for that trip.  And as a result of our cutting back, we improved our quality of life.

There are many things you can do to cut costs while you search for a new career.  Then, once you find, interview, and land your new position, you will feel like a million dollars putting in your two week notice to the old job.  You'll get a lot of nay sayers, just as a warning.  There will be a lot of people who will call you crazy to leave a steady paying position, even for another steady paying position, and some of them may be your own family members.  But their opinions don't matter, your peace of mind does.  Others will really surprise you with their support and excitement of your plans.  Ultimately, no one will look back on their life and wish they'd worked another day in order to get more money, but they will wish they had been happier and gotten to do more things that interest them.  Live your life in a way that near the end you'll have no regrets.