Training your dog builds a stronger and more lasting relationship with your dog!

So many people think that making their dogs follow rules will hurt that relationship but that is not what I have experienced.  Giving your dog structure and rules that they are expected to follow will teach your dog discipline, impulse control, and helps them remain calm because they know exactly what is expected of them.  In turn it deepens your connection with your pet because they are respecting and listening to you.  You can't give your dog everything they want and expect them to be grateful for it.  Making them work for their rewards through training mentally exhausts them and makes them appreciate those rewards more.

As a society we've been conditioned to think that a reward for a dog is a treat, and it is!  It's not the only reward you can give though.  Petting them, letting them hang out in the same room as you, a toy, going on a car ride, these are all rewards for your dog and are all just as effective as a treat. It is important that you reward the behaviors that you like from your dog.  It is equally important that you correct the bad behaviors or your dog will continue to do them.  

This is where people get worried about changing their dog too much.  The nice part about training your dog is it doesn't mean you will train the personality out them. If they are a goofball before training you can bet you'll get your lovable goofball back after training. It just means they'll know when it's time to be serious and listen to commands and when it's ok to kick back and let that personality shine. You can have the benefit of a best friend who can make you smile and be proud to take them everywhere because they are so well behaved. Have that cake and eat it too!