Tucson Dog Daycare

A daycare tip! Just getting out, sniffing around, laying near other dogs, and things of this nature are exhausting for any dog! There is this perception that if dogs aren't running around like mad that daycare isn't effective, and that's not true!

In fact our daycare dogs are displaying the exact behaviors that are best for daycare. It's a way for them to tire themselves without having to worry ...about strange dogs getting in their face or crawling all over them.

This same concept works for walks and dog parks too! Be careful with dog parks because most people don't realize their rambunctious dog can create a negative experience for your dog that can cause behavioral issues for you down the road. Just being out with you walking around is so mentally stimulating they will return home happy and relaxed! So take that pup for a walk or to a quiet park where they can sniff the flowers and roll in the grass, you'll enjoy it too!!