Everyday Dog Training Tucson

I wanted to take some time today to tell you about my absolute favorite dog training command, place.  Place has been a God send to my home because we have six dogs!  We do a lot of personal rescue, where we will find a dog, bring it home, and train or care for them until they are ready to find their perfect home.  So we have a lot of dogs coming in and out of our house at any given time.

The place command allows you to peacefully take a shower, cook dinner, eat dinner, and do pretty much anything you need or want to do without your dog under your feet tripping you, begging for food, or anything else those mischievous rascals do :).  Essentially, it's a command where they lay on a bed, towel, or whatever object you want, in a designated spot, until you let them come off of it.  This command can help eliminate chewing, marking, and many other less than desirable behaviors because the dog knows that it's only job is to lay there until you say otherwise, which usually results in them falling asleep.  This command is also really helpful for anxious dogs because it takes away all of the options of other things the dog could be doing, which is contributing to the anxiety!

It's really important that dog training be centered around your normal, everyday life.  Otherwise, eventually you'll stop doing it!  No one has time to train forever, unless things like having your dog lay on their bed for hours and giving a consequence if they get off it, IS THE TRAINING!  Anyone can do that!  It means you can do your work, fold laundry, watch TV, all while your dog trains!  Sounds good, right?  I'll be the first to tell you, it's glorious.  It's also amazing for your dogs because now they have structure and clear defined rules, as well as the fact that they are constantly and consistently practicing those rules, while you're not having to take a ton of time out of your day.  Thanks for reading!  I'll be back again with more tips, tricks and treats soon!